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Nali Katana

Nali Katana

Kenyan / Canada



Born and raised in Kenya, he was always involved in music. From bboy’ing to choir tenor, to poetry and rapping. In 2003, high cost of music production in Kenya led to produce his own music using the church casio then cracked copies of Fruity Loops Pro and Cool Edit from a friend who had just joined his high school named Eugene, nicknamed Genie. In this quest he met like-rappers Bakijani and Rimbz, collaborating to form Broken Records and releasing their first mixtape “The Broken Mixtape”. Low airplay forced them to sell them from the corners of South’C to backstreets of Nairobi. Their underground exposure led others such as Ceasar, Suave, Lurid, D-mike, Reena, Kay Junior to join them to form Sababu Entertainment.


In 2007, before groundbreaking sound releases, momentum was stalled as he left for Montreal Canada for Software Engineering studies and left the studio being ran by the rest of the team. In 2010 he dropped solo chart-topping singles such as “Wapi” and “Letter to Esir” on rotation in Kenya, leading to multiple collaborations to-date. He came in 3rd in the 2010 Art-Of-Producing beatbattle in Montreal, and graduated late-2012. Unfortunately back in Kenya, due to multiple obstacles his team had to let go of the studio temporarily, continue with other ventures while Nali abroad tried to keep the spirit alive within him and used most of the income from his 9-5 programming job to acquire new music tools and technologies to grow his passion. Since mid-2014 he has been reclaiming and rejuvenating his power and amassing fresh sound techniques to his dream. Opening up to a new dimension in digital music design merged with Afro-ethnic roots based in Canada and Kenya.


At the moment Nali is still an independent dj/musician/producer under his indie label Sababu Music, plus a member of Bandcamp and AWAL distributor/aggregator(itunes, amazon, beatport, tidal, spotify etc), Socan and Sodrac royalty authorities and attends multiple producer battles and conferences. He strongly supports the advancement of music technology and apart from sharing new music, will be sharing some of his music creation projects, soundkits and merch for other producers to grow or at least grow with him.

He is currently based in Toronto and Montreal in Canada and occassionally visits his beautiful homeland Nairobi in Kenya.

Prayer Passion Perseverence


Agency Sababu Music


Social Media

instagram/facebook/youtube @nalikatana