Nali born on September 14th 1987, the same as Nas and the day before Pac’s death, grew up during the golden boom-bap hiphop age of the 90’s. The first and still his favorite jam remains Nas’ ‘Stillmatic Intro’ and it is the playback from a cassette in his uncles transistor radio that mostly played Lucky Dube, Bob Marley or UB40 tunes that inspired him the most into rap. Nali maintains his skills in Swahili poetry and occassionally will release street raps in a street mix of Swahili and English, better phrased as swanglish, in the form of an alternative hiphop project he terms as Silabi which means syllables in Kiswahili. In as much as he has tried to move on from emceeing, he believes Swahili rap has not been exhausted enough. He employs various African bounce rhythm in these tracks and throws rhymes, punchlines, metaphores, wordplays and non-mediocre lyrics that may be termed as multilevel rhymes due to the depth in layers one must peel through to reach the core of a bar.